On the July 6, 2019, about fifteen (15) members of the SIDS Supreme Executive Committee visited SIDS Bajong Branch as part of their outreach and training program to the rural community.  The session was held at Rh Ungga in Sebuyau. 

There were about sixty (60) SIDS Bajong members including the residents of Rh Ungga attended the function.  Dato Ir Alice Jawan, Chairman of SIDS, in her speech highlighted several issues relating to the way forward for Sarakup Indu Dayak Sarawak (SIDS) and the roles of each member towards the development of the association. 

The ladies at the longhouse and also members in Bajong were taught on beading a necklace, as a potential to increase family income and learning art of beading craft.

Group picture of SIDS Exco and members at Bajong, Sebuyau

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