Sarakup Indu Dayak Sarawak (SIDS) had several discussions with Mahkamah Bumiputra Sarawak and Majlis Adat Istiadat Sarawak to organize course/seminar/brief for SIDS members.  We are thankful to the Datu Michael Dawi of Mahkamah Bumiputra Sarawak for making this a possibility in 2019.  Together we had conducted 3 series of courses for about 600 members in the State, which we had divided into three zones, southern, central and northern.

The course/bried was called ‘ Taklimat Pengurusan Kes-Kes Mahkamah Bumiputra (Modul M1) untuk Sarakkup Indu Dayak Sarawak’ and held in 3 zones.  The 1st taklimat was held in December 2018 for the southern region, covering Kuching, Samarahan, Siol Kandis, and the neighboring branches.  The 2nd course was held in Sibu on the for the central region with branches from Sibu, Sekuau, Kapit, Bintangor, Sarikei, Pakan, Julau, and neighboring branches including new branch Selanggau and Mukah.  The 3rd course was held in Miri on the 27 April 2019 for the branches in for the northern region branches of Miri, Bintulu, Niah, Kemena (new branch), Limbang, Lawas, and neighboring branches.

It was a great learning experience for the members.  Datu Michael Dawi and Dato Ir. Alice Jawan both spoke at the briefings in Sibu and Miri, whilst in Kuching, Dato Alice was represented by the Deputy Chairman, Mdm Margaret Bedus.

Group picture for the session in Central Region with SIDS members from the zone.

Participants from SIDS Kapit
Picture with SIDS Branches
Participants from SIDS Sibu
Group picture of the 3rd course in the Northern region.
Some of the SIDS Supreme Executive Members and the SIDS Miri Executive Members
Dato Ir Alice spoke at the Taklimat and she stressed on the importance of knowledge and Unity.


Report prepared by SIDS HQ on 4 June 2019.

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