SIDS   organized its first Strategic Planning Workshop on the 23 – 24 February 2019 in Kuching and it was attended by 66 SIDS leaders from 26 branches, 2 pro-tem branches, and the Executive members.  The workshop was facilitated by Dr. Florince Christy of Futuristic Communication Management Services Sdn. Bhd.

The main objective of the workshop was to formulate common values and the future direction of SIDS.  Several different exercises were carried out.

SWOT Analysis Conclusive Summaries are:



  • Commitment of leaders
  • Confidence with passionate Exco Committee to lead to future, enhance standing/ reputation of SIDS
  • Able leadership of current Exco accelerate development and progress
  • Large members base, influential, should play more important roles in nation

  • Lack of understanding of SIDS vision, mission & objectives
  • No office/ premises at branch
  • Lack of entrepreneurship skills
  • Lack of ICT skills
  • Lack of fund resulting in lack of activities at branch level

  • Expansion of membership base
  • Develop business alliances with others
  • Ability to enhance each other skills & knowledge
  • Online business involvement
  • Ready pool of market among members & networks


  • Some leaders lack of commitment
  • Decline or stagnation of membership in some branches. Need to recruit young & professional women.
  • Lack of volunteerism
  • Lack of activities due to fund constraint

These are the recommendations/ resolutions made at the workshops:-

  1. Youth & Professional engagement.
  2. Inclusiveness from Executive/Branch to all members.
  3. Executive – transparent & active in programs.
  4. SIDS to speak in ONE VOICE to reflect Our UNITY.
  5. Training of various aspects of culture, skills, etc.
  6. Develop Dayak/ Iban identity.
  7. Concurrent activities & disseminate information.
  8. All new members to register also with SDNU & ensure participation in SDNU TGA/ activities.
  9. All branches to submit proposals to Executive Committee.
  10. Recognition of Leaders.

One of the common vision of SIDS leaders is to have a headquarter in each division/branch.


Report prepared by SIDS HQ

8 June 2019

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